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30 March 2030 @ 10:00 am



my name is: Roby..
and i love NewS & NYC bands soo much..
and i love the best handsome guys  ever ~TeGosHi~Yuma~

& this Post for Friends Only!!
if you want to be friend with me:

Introduce yourself here .... for example: News or about your life or situations,
,ur hobbies or anything about you ..
To connect only

. don't hotlink.. and don't put my links without credit me!

and Please LEAVE A COMMENT first before you add me ....
i'll be glad to you and i'll accept all of yours ^^


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05 May 2012 @ 05:52 pm

Yuma in SC in 2012-5-2...
he sang: Garasu no mahou & NYC songs..etc

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30 September 2011 @ 05:39 am

Wanna to share with you my beautiful icons...so just for all of you guys..!! ^~^

News= Tegomass+Tegoshi+Massu+Koyama+Shige+Yamapi+Ryo

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02 July 2011 @ 09:42 pm
This is first time i made Icons^^ and tell me what do you think of them...?? so here's the Icons
...~ [26] Namie Amuro
[14] Akanishi jin

[23] Yamashita tomohisa [12] Nishikido Ryo
[6] Koyama [11] Kato shige
[70] Tegoshi Yuya
[15] News

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22 June 2011 @ 11:45 am

hi everyone^^
 Finally, I finished from school
And are now beginning to break summer vacation for 3 months
And friends seemed to depart today for they will turn to another school because of her father and the other due to her marriage will begin after this month

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15 June 2011 @ 10:12 pm

hi again to everyone...
this is second time to post in My LJ ...
and i watch Itteq yesterday and i see Imoto touch Tegoshi like this gif from my friend
crea_skull ..^^

and Imoto she's soooo lucky and if i her place i'll do that too...<<lol
so i wanna share it with to who's not see this part ne..^^
so here's a link ..

and if you want to share it , don't forget to credit me ne

credit : "Roby-chan"
Comments are Love



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31 March 2011 @ 07:37 pm

Yes, it is a holiday week
I can not breathe for that course of study
But I am now comfortable holiday week
Thank you to our King You are always better
Do you know that every Saturday from our week vacation
I am very happy and proud king ... aaah, how much and love him

But not this week after week, but leave a virgin, who is followed but I'll leave for myself
I do not want to go to school because it became boring and not the existence of classes
Why Attend
Yay I'm happy
Claimed merry with my friends here with you and my friends who are scattered throughout the Saudi kingdom

How much I love how the king of my friends how much I love you I love my friends foreign women
My joy forever

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31 March 2011 @ 09:21 am

hi everybody..^^
 I hope that you enjoy this issue
I know it is old
But I miss NewS   very much..T_T

NewsNoNews Seventeen Magazine April 2009:



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13 February 2011 @ 11:09 pm

Tegomass made a guest appearance on Fuji TV’s music program Music Fair on February 12th.  The group performed three songs, “Koi no Wana Shikakemasho” which was originally sung by FUNK THE PEANUTS in 1995, Perfume’s “Chocolate Disco“, and their upcoming single “Aoi Bench” (cover of Sasuke’s song).  
“Koi no Wana Shikakemasho” and “Chocolate Disco” were performed with other guests, HOME MADE Kazoku and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 (only for “Chocolate Disco”).

“Koi no Wana Shikakemasho” – HOME MADE Kazoku×Tegomass
“Chocolate Disco” – Tegomass×Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 ×HOME MADE Kazoku
“Aoi Bench” – Tegomass

and this video~..~







 hope you enjoy it..!


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12 February 2011 @ 06:30 pm
If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?